What does your dog do when you're busy?

And what Would you like them to do instead?

when you're busy your dog might need...

The Perfect Walk

Whether you have an energetic puppy who runs for hours at the park, an old doggo who sniffs every tree, or a buddy who just needs a stretch, you can be sure they’ll enjoy the perfect walk -- every time.

A Friend to play with

Some dogs (and other critters) need food and a few minutes of love while you’re away for the day, others need endless belly rubs and play time -- either way you’ll come home to a happy dog.

An Overnight Buddy

Pets can't always join on our adventures, and maybe staying home is the best option for them! In-home, overnight sitting can look different for every pet's needs -- click below to see the basic options & prices!

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Why Choose katie?

(That's Me)

Do we want the same things for your pet? Let’s take a look…

Do you want to make sure your pet is loved? Personally, it’s not a good session unless I am covered in dog hair. I will lay on the ground with them if you aim to keep your couches clean.

However, I also make sure that my responsibility as a pet caretaker includes training consistency! If there are rules to follow, we will reward them for being followed.

Do you want to keep them healthy, and engaged? Exercise can look different for each dog, just as it is in humans!

Whether they just need to burn energy, or lose weight, we can walk, hike, or play to their goals! 

Are you able, and willing, to train yourself to be the best pet parent you can be? Being consistent can be hard, but it will make both your lives much easier in the long run! 

We can work together to make sure training, care, and love are done the right way. 

How do I know i'm not barking up the wrong tree?

Let's Ask The Dogs!

Jessica – Cosmo & Bonez

Katie has been walking Cosmo and Bonez for years (since before she started KT's Walkies) and I cannot say enough good things! She's professional, communicative, and above all: great with the pups! Bones & Cosmo love seeing her, and I always know my fur babies are in good hands. She even kept up with Cosmo's med routine when I was out of town, and maintained our obedience and communication training! Thanks again for so much love and help!

Jenn - Boondog & More

Katie is really great with my big oaf, Boondog. Boonie can be nervous, especially when left with someone new, but Katie took their time and let Boon warm up to them, & then sent me pictures of their great adventure! She did a great job at listening to care instructions, & paid a lot of attention when getting to know Bonnie on her 1st visit, & we have had a few playdates, and longer pet-sitting sessions, since. She's out go to for care & in-home pet-sitting now! Katie is so sweet and easy to work with, I highly recommend them! 

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